FAMILY //  The Ties That Bind Us 
 1) Are you planning to go to next year’s Ski Trip?
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6) How important is having your own bathroom to you? Select one.
****Ski Trip Survey | Please Complete & Submit ASAP****
Survey is Anonymous unless you put your name in the "ideas" comment box
2) Is it important to you that the houses are close to each other?
7) Will you pay a $100 per person, non-refundable depositon or before 
     March 30th so we can book next year’s trip now?  
4) Are you willing to pay more to have a pool in at least one house?
3) Are you willing to pay more to have houses next door to each other?
5) Regarding dinner on Saturday, which do you prefer?
8) Do you have suggestions for next year's trip to make the weekend more enjoyable?
9) Would you like the group to get together occasionally so we see each other more than once a year? If yes, what would you like to do: brunch, dinner, cookout, etc...